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CliftonStrengths Identify Your Potential Package – $197

Learn Your Top 5 Strengths – includes 45 min. Discovery Session – Learn how to leverage your strengths to accomplish personal & business goals. You will leave the session knowing how to set actionable business & personal goals based on what you already do best.

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Embrace Your Potential Package – $897

Learn your dominant, supporting and lesser strengths. Includes 3 individual coaching sessions with me as your coach. You will leave knowing how to use your supporting strengths to complement and re-enforce your dominant strengths. If one of your lesser strengths is required in the work you do, you will learn how to leverage one of your dominant strengths to get the fast results you need to win every time. Includes 3, 6, 9-month follow up to track your progress and refocus goals.

Teams – Creating a Strengths Based Team Includes 4 Workshops offered over a 6-month period of time Begin with

Start with Talent; Finish with Strength – 2-hour workshop that includes Top 5 Strengths assessment which begins a Team Conversation to help team members start to understand their individual Signature Theme Reports for their Top 5 Strengths.

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The Power of Strengths-Based Partnerships – the best partnerships happen when you & someone who has strengths that complement yours join forces and focus on a single goal. Your strengths cancel out your partner’s weaknesses & vice versa. You accomplish together what could not be done separately.

A Teams, CliftonStrengths reports provide tremendous clues to how Team Members can improve their level of partnership.

Coaching Conversation: The DNA of the Team – the purpose of this team coaching conversation is to help this Team gain awareness and appreciation of its collective talents.

Coaching Conversation: The Best of Us – the purpose of this team coaching conversation is to help team members begin to harness their individual and collective talents and intentionally bring them to life daily.

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Proactive Conversations Workshop – $1200

6 sessions with group size of 6; learn 5 step process to CRAFT a Proactive Conversation; learn to resolve conflicts, deliver critical performance review, build trust to facilitate smooth communication, lead conversations about expectations. Learn the 7 things to avoid in any conversation & the 8 things to do in every conversation. Includes opportunity to discuss your individual challenges. Bonus: learn your Strengths and how to use them to effectively communicate every time.

Individual Coaching for Leaders – 3-6-month commitment, includes full 34 Strengths Assessment - $4500 – following an intake interview I will design a personalized package to reach the results you want.

Team Coaching – 3-6 months - $5500 – following an intake interview around Team Dynamics & Needs a personalized package will be designed.

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